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New Development

New development is a limited group process in which a unique opportunity is given to the investor to take part in a boutique project and generate short-term profit.

It all begins with a meeting.


Together, we will learn what to expect from the investment, what financial resources to allocate, the market advantages and what properties are available.


As soon as we have put together the investment profile, we will be able to build the joint work process for realizing your investment.


  • High profit potential

  • Project Duration: 2-4 years

  • Low Number of investors in one group project

  • Minimum entry cost

  • Mutual interest - vigeo as the main partner

Step by Step

We will begin the process by identifying properties in prime locations with high improvement potential, while using a technology platform to determine the real value of the property.


Assemble a professional team that will oversee and manage the entire project's progress:

  • Project manager

  • Legal advisor

  • Financial advisor

  • Professional architect

  • Operating contractor

The development and/or enhancements will be made to the existing property and construction will be expanded if possible.


Our goal is to market and sell the project and to generate significant profits for all investors in the group on the original investment amount.

Important information

  • Investors receive profit sharing proportional to their investment at the end of the project.

  • An investor does not own a unit in the project.

  • Property and plans cannot be modified by the investor. vigeo ventures is responsible for making these decisions.

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