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Your Own Property

Investors are given a unique opportunity to own real estate properties in prime locations through  a custom-made process.

First thing First - let’s meet.


We will begin the process by understanding your needs.


Together, we will discuss the expectations of the investment, the financial resources that will need to be allocated, the market advantages, and the properties that are available.


As a result, we will put together the investment profile, we will be able to build the joint work process and guide you through each step on the way to realizing your investment.


  • A-Z Process management

  • Profit potential: Annual rental return + Long-term selling profit

  • Engagement Duration: 1-5 years

  • Finance: Cash deal or Bank loan

  • Mutual interest - vigeo venture as the management company

3 Groups of properties

    Up to 1M$   I   1-3M$   I   Above 3M$

All the way with you and beyond


We will begin the process by offering properties in prime locations with high profit potential, while using a technology platform to determine the real value of the property.


  • A professional team will guide you through the process

  • Understanding financial sources

  • Obtain legal advice

  • Locating property & Contract signing

  • Renovation (upon request)

  • Finding a tenant

  • Ongoing property management

  • Selling process (upon request)


Enhancements will be made to the existing property upon investor request and desires.

As a result, we will market the desirable property to potential tenants. We will maximize the rental fee and, in the future, sell the property for a significant profit for the investor.

Important information

  • The property is owned solely by the investor.

  • The property will be managed exclusively by vigeo venture during the contract period.

  • Investors can terminate their engagement at any time according to engagement terms.

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